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Doctor’s Advice

August 12, 2011

Most often when we talk about “arthritis” in pets, we are referring to osteoarthritis (OA). OA occurs for three main reasons: injuries to joints, abnormal conformation of joints, and aging. Cartilage acts as a cushion lining over the bones and when this wears away, the bones to rub against each other painfully during activity.  The body in turn makes more bony tissue, like a callus, and inflammation forms resulting in pain. Any age of pet can develop arthritis, but we more commonly associate it with aging pets. Symptoms of arthritis in pets are limping, pain, swelling, and difficulty standing up. Many times the early signs are subtle, reluctance to use stairs, slowing down, decreased activity levels.  In both dogs and cats, they will suffer in silence for many months or years before they show what humans interpret as significant enough symptoms to warrant treatment.  Animals typically hide their pain until it is extreme.  Signs are often worse after sleeping, after vigorous activity, and during weather changes but can seem to get better after mild activity. Diagnosis of arthritis is achieved with a through history, physical exam and x-rays. Many treatments can be used including anti-inflammatory drugs, joint health supplements, prescription diets, acupuncture and in some cases surgery. Please let our doctors know if you pet may be showing signs of arthritis.  We want to work with you to ensure your pets are not suffering from arthritis pain!

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